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Sweet Alchemy Bingo Review (Play’n Go)

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Sweet Alchemy Bingo slot on Bob Casino

The renowned slot developers at Play’n Go have expanded their collection of games outside of slots with two Bingo Titles namely, Rainforest Magic Bingo and Sweet Alchemy Bingo. True, both titles bear a lot of similarities, the most significant ones being that their themes are inspired by previous slot releases and that their gameplay follows a virtually identical pattern, but the latter emerges as the beast, potential & math model statistics-wise, and thus where anyone who fancies a quick game of bingo should put his/her money.

Play Sweet Alchemy Bingo For Free- Mobile & PC

After conjuring up some rewarding slots action, the alchemy princess is back with goodies for the bingo fans! Play Sweet Alchemy Bingo for real money here or enjoy a free demo below:

Game Features

  • RTP: 97.57%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Max Win Exposure: 835750 Coins
  • Betting Range: 1-20 coins on each card
  • Purchase Extra Balls
  • Elixir of Power Bonus (Win Up To 6625X!)
  • Bingo Prize: (1500X)
  • Treasure Chest (Win Up To 5000X!)
  • Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone


Loading up a bingo game for the first time can turn out to be very confusing. But as bingo enthusiasts will tell you, it’s usually not that complicated.

For Sweet Alchemy Bingo and any other game in this category, the first thing you have to do is to use the controls tab to alter your betting preferences, just like in video slots. Because a coin-based win evaluation algorithm is used here, you get separate selectors for the coin value, coins bet, and the number of cards. The latter is the only possible source of confusion, but it simply refers to the number of cards/boards you want to use for your bingo session.

There are a few things you should note when making your choice on the number of cards you want to use. First, utilizing a higher number of boards will increase the total bet deductible from your bankroll. For example, if your selected coins bet is 1, the bet deductible will be just one coin when using one card and four (1X4) when using all four cards. Second, while a selected card will have 15 numbers on it, an unselected one won’t be bearing any. Third and finally, not utilizing all the cards could make you miss some of the game’s win boosting extras.

As for the coin value, the only thing you need to note is that the higher the coin value you select, the better the rewards you will get. So, it’s always advisable to set it at max (0.10 in this case). Additionally, you can always convert your coin wins or stake to real cash by multiplying it with the selected coin value.

After altering your bet and the cards you want to utilize, the next thing you need to do is take a good look at the numbers displayed on your board(s). Remember, you can always change the content of each by clicking the “new cards” button on the controls tab.

Eye the Caller

In a physical bingo hall, bingo players assemble around the caller who calls out numbers, which the players have to tick off on their cards. Things are just slightly different in online bingo because you only have to use your eyes instead of your ears. Also, the game will cross off the numbers for you, leaving you with only the task of clicking the play button at the end of each round.

At the beginning of each round, 30 numbers are generated randomly. If one of those numbers matches the numbers on any of your boards, it crossed-off.

How are Wins Determined?

Just like slots, bingo games also come with paytables. However, instead of finding symbols and their corresponding payouts on a bingo game’s paytable, you will find patterns and their correlating payouts. Also, a bingo game’s paytable will often be displayed just above the playing area for quick reference at the end of each round.

Now, if the numbers crossed at the end of a round link to form one of the patterns indicated on the paytable, a payout is triggered. 2 of the simplest patterns in Sweet Alchemy Bingo are 1 and 2 horizontal lines, which pay 3 and 100 times your bet respectively.

Get Additional Numbers

You can buy up to thirteen additional numbers at the end of each winning round for a chance to complete more winning patterns. The price of that number will depend on the potential win, but you can always bypass the option altogether by clicking the collect button.

Elixir of Power Bonus

Just like the Sweet Alchemy Slot, the Sweet Alchemy Bingo game comes with the pick-and-click Elixir of Power Bonus Round. There’s a big difference in the rewards on offer, though. While you could only bag up to 5X in the slot, the bingo game offers you the chance to land up to 6625X! For you to gain entry, you have to form a perimeter pattern (marked as Bonus on the paytable) on any of your cards.

“Bingo!” For the Treasure Chest!

If all the numbers on one of your cards are crossed-off, it means you have hit the bingo! On top of the bingo prize, which is a decent 1500X, you will get the chance to trigger the Treasure Chest for a whopping 5000X!

NB/ The treasure chest can only be triggered if all the four cards are active.


Fancy a quick game of bingo? The Sweet Alchemy Bingo is arguably the best bingo game you can come across out there. It brags a Return to Player percentage of 97.57%, a max win exposure 835750 coins, Elixir of Power bonus game with rewards of up to 6625X, a bingo prize of 1500 times your bet, and a treasure chest prize of 5000X. Compare that to what its greatest rival, Rainforest Magic Bingo offers (RTP of 97.38%, a max win exposure of 340000 coins, Magic Flower bonus game with rewards of up to 1300X, a mystery bonus game where you can land 700X, a bingo prize of 1500X, and a treasure slate prize of 5000 times your bet), and you see our point.

Big win in Sweet Alchemy Bingo slot on Bob Casino

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