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In the context of land-based gambling, stripping refers to one of the shuffling techniques used by casino dealers. Usually, the dealer takes a small portion of cards and puts it on the table, then takes another small portion of cards, puts it on the top of the first portion, and so on. This type of shuffling is done in portions since it would take too much time to go through the process with every single card.

Because of the fast learning curve, strip shufflingis popular in home-based gambling. 

Fun gambling fact:

In most large, respectable venues, dealers don’t have to shuffle the cards, since that job is done by a specialized machine. Automated shuffling results in a more randomized shuffle and guarantees to the players that the dealer is not doing anything to influence the outcome of the game. Despite this, dealers still usually have to showcase their shuffling techniques during their dealer audition.


  • A popular card shuffling technique.

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