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In the context of gambling, the term steaming refers to a condition in which a gambler starts playing aggressively to break even after a series of bad losses. The term is often used in poker and blackjack. When compared to a calm player, a steaming card player is much more likely to bet aggressively and play bad hands. Because of this, the ability to sense a player’s emotional condition is an essential skill in pot-based games, such as Texas Hold’em poker.

What Should You to Do If You’re Steaming?

According to all gambling experts, if you feel overwhelmed by emotions, it is best to walk away from the game and give yourself time to cool off. You can return back to the session when you have regained composure. If you continue playing while stressed, you will be a lot more likely to make mistakes.

Another term for steaming is going on tilt.


  • Starting to play aggressively to win break even after a bad loss.

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