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Sea of Riches Slot Review (iSoftBet)

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Sea of Riches Slot Review

Sea of Riches, Yo-ho-ho, Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Such is the welcome given to players by an animated pirate upon launching the very first cluster pays slot from iSoftBet. Standing on an elevated platform, he has a nice view of the towering 6×6 grid, where he unleashes a flurry of tricks to liven up the spinning action. Everybody, weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen as doubloons await by the dozen!

Play Sea of Riches For Free- Mobile & PC

A scourge of the 7 seas invites you to a ‘pieces of eight’ hunt high up on the sea of riches! Heave ho! Play Sea of Riches for real money here or enjoy a free demo below:

Slot features

  • Return to Player: 96%
  • Volatility: Medium-High
  • Default Reel Setup: 6×6
  • Bet Range: €0.20-20
  • Cluster Pays System (No Paylines)
  • All Devices: Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.
  • All Browsers: Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, etc.
  • Tech: HTML5
  • Wild Features, Bonus Round, Symbol Substitutions

Slot Details: Skin, Algorithm Stats, Paytable, & Basic Rules

Despite this being a pirate slot set on sea, iSoftBet resisted the urge to involve a man-o-war, skin-wise. That right there is laudable, showing an experienced developer striving to be unique. 

On to the actual playing area, a person with a strict eye for symbol design will feel that the developer could have done better. The developer goes for differently-colored coins for the low pays and gems for the high-payers. It could have been intentional, though, playing it safe with simplistic symbols to avoid a cluttered area. 

Players can attempt landing clusters on any device’s browser provided that it supports internet browsing. Bets range from 0.20 to 20 Euros, which is displayed in either credits or real currency. Important to point out, players in certain jurisdictions can switch between the two by clicking on the available bankroll.

 As you probably already know, clusters are comprised of 5 or more of a kind get lined up adjacently to each other, horizontally, vertically, or a combination of both directions. And it doesn’t stop there. Cascades follow, where those symbols involved in the win are removed to be replaced by others that fall from above, potentially creating another winner. During the game, that series of events will repeat itself often, given the medium volatility and a decent Return to Player that sits on the average figure (96%).

Collect Map Pieces to Advance Through Levels!

Map pieces enclosed in jars can show up on any spin. These are collected, with 25 of them completing to the treasure map to lead you into the next level.

There are four levels, each with different wild sea modifiers that help form winners out of dead spins. For those wondering, you get taken back to level one after level four. Also, wilds help complete winning combinations by substituting for the regulars. Let’s take a look at each of the levels and the modifier active in each:

Level 1: The Wild Kraken

A kraken is summoned from the deep. It turns five to ten random symbols wild.

Level 2: Wild Storm

A storm sweeps across the grid, transforming three to nine symbols wild. Weaker than the first, but we found out that it triggers a lot more during our test runs.

Level 3: Wild Whale

The pirate also has a way with whales. Here, he summons one from the deep, hearkening to draw a pattern of five wilds on the grid.

Level 4: Wild Ghost Ship

 This is the most fascinating one, by far. A ghostly galleon appears to spawn two to five wilds that carry win booster multipliers. The value of the win booster multipliers could be anything from x2 to x10. Important to note, multiplier figures are added to each other to give the final win booster multiplier to be used for that round.

Bonus in Sea of Riches Slot

Captain’s Compass

Each win will charge the captain’s compass beside the grid. The charge corresponds to the number of symbols involved in that win. There are two things to note. The first, 24 symbols/charges are needed to trigger a modifier. Second, after triggering a modifier, the compass resets back to 24 symbols in case you land a win to potentially trigger another modifier (compass can collect up to 47 symbols). If there are no wins, the compass resets back to zero. Let’s look at the modifiers available at each charge level:

24 to 29 Symbols: Rolling Rum

One to three rum barrels will roll along the reels, each transforming three to six symbols into a certain symbol-type.

30 to 35 Symbols: Musket Mayhem

The buccaneer raises his firearm, shoots five to twelve symbols, instantly removing them from the reels. New symbols gravitate from the top, potentially forming a win.

36 to 41 Symbols: Cannon Balls

Whoever executes this one is a landlubber according to our talkative fellow at the side of the grid. He/she shoots one to three cannonballs to remove an entire row of symbols.

42 to 47 Symbols: Swarm O’ Parrots

Parrots swarm across the grid, removing ten to fifteen symbols. 

The Stormin’ Free Spins

Stormin’ free spins are triggered when you manage to go past the 47 mark on the compass. The exact count, which could be five, eight, ten-twelve, or fifteen, is determined only after spinning the wheel that pops up.

Stormin’ Free Spins Multiplier

Lightning can strike the campus on any stormin’s free spins round, awarding a multiplier. The multiplier can be x1, x2, x5, or x10. Good thing is that lightning can strike more than once, meaning that the aggregate multiplier can reach up to x30 i.e.10+10+10.

Sea of Riches: Our Verdict

Sea of Riches has everything you would look for in a quality slot. A well-executed theme, the well-liked cluster pays system, decent potential, and a flurry of features. It was the frequently triggering features for us!

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