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Rome: The Golden Age Slot Review (NetEnt)

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Rome - The Golden Age Slot Review

During the reign of the five good emperors, Rome had enjoyed 84 years of prosperity and peace. It came to be regarded as the golden age of Rome or the Pax Romana, lasting up until 180 CE when the incompetent and immoral son of Marcus Aurelius took over. It is this period that NetEnt chooses to visit for their next Ancient Rome-themed slot after those intense encounters with the Roman soldiers in the Victorious™ dual. The question is: What can we expect this time?

Play Rome: The Golden Age for Free- Mobile & PC

NetEnt leads players back to one of the greatest meritocracies the world has ever known! Play Rome: The Golden Age for real money here or enjoy a free demo below:

Slot Features

  • RTP Percentage: 96.06%
  • Volatility: High
  • Reel Layout: 3-4-5-4-3
  • Paylines: 20
  • Default Bet Range: 0.1-10
  • Wild Transformations
  • Collect Free Spins with up to 1000x Modifier!
  • All Devices: Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.
  • All Browsers: Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Edge, Explorer, Chromium, etc.
  • Tech: HTML5

Slot Details: Skin, Math Model Stats, Paytable, & Basic Rules

Rome: The Golden Age loads to a large-sized vexillum hanging between the two Corinthian-style columns of a Roman Domus. As if to emphasize the importance of interior decoration in the Roman lifestyle, there are also two statues placed strategically on either side. Someone with an eye for details will notice that the pieces must have been after Roman artists started embracing the nudity craze of the neighboring Greeks in matters concerning art. Also deserving a shoutout is the soundtrack, which is quite reminiscent of movies in this genre, capturing your attention right from the start with the kind of trumpet sound that announces the arrival of an emperor.

After admiring the artwork, you should look closely at the hanging vexillum and try to decipher the peculiar-looking playing area. Spare you the trouble, it is a 3-4-5-4-3 playing area, which operates just like that of a typical slot. On clicking the spin button, symbols fall into the spaces, potentially forming winning combinations on the available paylines. Speaking of paylines, we were expecting 100+, judging by the look of it, but we only found twenty.

Fully optimized for any device and browser, Rome: The Golden age offers bets ranging from 0.1 to 10 Euros. That suggests the possibility of massive potential, but we will see about that later. The Return to Player percentage is above average at 96.06%, which is the usual NetEnt range. lastly, on the algorithm stats, players get a high volatility rating, meaning that wins can be hard to come by in the short run. And the below-average hit of 17.6% does little to influence that.

As for the paytable, NetEnt has gone for generic icons you have probably seen in other slots. J-A serve as grid fillers with rewards of up to 0.90x, while crisscrossed swords, gladiator helmets, rings, eagle-bearer Aquilas, and tigers run the main show with rewards of up to 5x. There is also a paying wild, which pays 5x for five appearances, besides taking the place of all regular symbols to complete a winning combination.

Wild Transformations

No matter what route the developer takes with the presentation, wild transformations are just that. NetEnt is among those opting to take the long route, with a series of events that will impress those punters drawn to innovative slots. For this, they added on two non-paying special symbols, namely the golden age and the Rome symbol.

A golden age can land on any spin. When it does, that position is marked.

Moving on, a golden age symbol can land and turn into a Rome symbol with an active frame. On the next spin, the position with the Rome symbol spawns a wild, with the active frame, in turn, turning all previously marked positions to wilds.

Note: To be turned into a wild, the marked position must be adjacent to the active frame. This progresses to the adjacent marked positions, and so on up to five times. Frames disappear from the grid only after spawning a wild.

Free Spins Multiplier Accumulator

There is a point accumulator at the top of the grid, which stops at 0 and stops at 200. There are two ways to feed it. One, a point is added to it whenever you land a golden age symbol on a grid space without a frame or an active frame. Two, when a golden age symbol lands on a position with a frame (or an active one), one to four points will be added to the accumulator.

Whenever the count hits 200, the free spins multiplier progresses through x1, x2, x5, x7, x10, x12, x15, x20, x30, x40, x50, x75, x100, x200, x300, x500, x750, and x1000. Note: That multiplier is only applied to the total tally of wins in free spins, after which the multiplier value resets back to x1.

Bonus Round

3 scatter symbols are needed to activate the bonus round. Three free spins are awarded initially, where Rome symbols are the only ones that appear on the reels. All positions with Frames (or active ones) in the triggering round become locked for the entire free spins session to be redeemed for 0.5-50 times the bet at the end. Similarly, each Rome symbol landing during free spins will turn sticky and award 0.5-50x, but it also resets the free spins count to three. The exact prize is selected randomly. Also, an additional x2 multiplier will be applied to your wins if you manage to lock all positions.

Bonus Round in Rome - The Golden Age

Rome: The Golden Age: Our Verdict

Straight to the point: playing Rome: The Golden Age can be as hard as trying to figure out the way out of an escape room. That is not hard to see why given that it is a volatile slot with the least attractive of hit rates there can be. Things could take a quick turn, however, once the volatility algorithm gives in. It could take a while, but the wait is worth it, considering that the huge multiplier potential theoretically means that wins of up to 100000x are possible!

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