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Reactoonz 2 Slot Review (Play’n Go)

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Reactoonz 2 slot review on Bob Casino

After giving their 2013 slot, Energoonz, a touch up in 2017 to release Reactoonz, Play’n Go is now back with Reactoonz 2. Certainly one of their most anticipated releases of the year, and one that sparked numerous debates upon release. Debates? Well, to be honest, nope. These were more like uproars as fans weren’t pleased with its potential, which was weaker than that of Reactoonz 1. After all, releasing a follow-up that’s not better than the original through and through doesn’t make sense. 

In case you are wondering, the developers did hearken. They were forced back to the drawing board to bump up the slot’s potential from about 3000X to about 5000X.

The original game was popular with many prominent Twitch casino streamers, such as Mrgambleslots and Bidule. The sequel promises even more fun and even bigger wins.

So, are we good after that tweak? Only a thorough probing can give the definitive answer, so let’s get to it.

Play Reactoonz 2 For Free- Mobile & PC

The highly anticipated Reactoonz 2 is now up on Play’n Go’s portfolio of slots! Play Reactoonz 2 for real money here or enjoy a free demo below:

Slot Features

  • Return to Player: 96.2%
  • Volatility: High
  • Bet Range: $/€£20-100
  • Cluster Slot with Win Boosting Features
  • All Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Blackberry, etc.
  • All Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, UC, Chromium, Brave, etc.
  • Code: HTML5

Carryovers and Alterations

Same as before, players head back to a parallel universe populated by playful aliens. A look around reveals some familiar faces, the most notable being the star energoon from Energoonz and Gargantoon alias Gaga from the original Reactoonz. You also take note of the carryover-7X7 grid on which players form clusters of identical symbols. Just a quick reminder, symbol clusters will only trigger payouts when at least five of a kind connect horizontally or vertically.

Reactoonz 2 is playable with bets ranging from €/£/$ 0.20 to 100 on any device, just like its predecessor. The volatility setting also remains unaltered at 8/10, while the RTP dips by 0.31% to 96.2%. In other words, no alteration on the math model stats big enough to influence the gameplay, especially in the short-run.

Lastly, the aliens from the original slot make a slightly weaker comeback on the paytable. Weaker why? Well, payouts for the two-eyed aliens drop from values of up to 750X to 500X, while payout values for the one-eyed ones remain the same.

Win Boosting Reactions

The original was all about getting up to five charges on the Quantum Leap to trigger the Gargantoon feature preceded by four quantum features, namely implosion, incision, demolition, and alteration. There was also a good chance of being awarded four to eight wilds on a non-winning spin, not to mention the Giantoonz and Fluctuations that would award X2 booster multipliers and double wilds, respectively. Let’s not get into the details because our focus here is on the sequel.

Reactoonz 2 doesn’t stray much from the original when it comes to the win boosting reactions. Instead of the quantum leap, we get a fluctometer that makes the sequel all about electric wilds. How exactly does this work?

On each spin, a variant of the one-eyed aliens becomes the fluctuating symbol. If involved in a winning combination, an electric wild is left behind. Important to mention, the fluctometer can hold up to 11 charges, forming 1-3 wilds when fully charged.

Wild Symbols in Reactoonz 2

Electric Wilds

Electric wilds can help complete a winning combination by substituting for any regulars, thus removing them. The symbol count removed from the grid by the electric wilds is recorded on the quantumeter, which is just below the fluctometer.

The quantumeter can hold up to 135 charges spread over four levels. 55 charges for level 1, 85 for level two, 110 for level three, and 135 for an overcharge.

Level 1

Reach level one to unleash four 1X1 energoon wilds. 55 charges from the quantumeter will be utilized.

Level 2

30 charges are used up as a 2X2 wild is awarded.

Charge to the Third Bar

Energoon wilds are unlocked if you manage to charge up to the third bar.

Level 3 and Overcharge

A 3X3 gargantoon wild is unleashed if the third bar is charged fully (level 3). An X2 multiplier is applied to the payout of each winning cluster if you manage to get to overcharge (beyond level 3).

After triggering a cascade, 3X3 gargantoon wilds are replaced by 2X2 and 1X1 gagas on consecutive rounds only if the cascades continue. Important to note, gargantoons will disable both the fluctometer and the quantumeter. Also, uncharged wilds can appear on any cascade. These have a chance of transforming into electric wilds when adjacent to a winning cluster or when the wild pair explosion (discussed below) is triggered.

Wild Pair Explosion

The said feature will be triggered if there are still two or more electric wilds left on the grid after all the features have played out. Lucky for you if they are adjacent because the entire grid will be cleared.

Reactoonz 2- Our Verdict

Reactoonz 2 achieves the purpose of a sequel. There is no doubt about that. It feels more solid, rewarding, and looks better than the original. Of course, that could not have been achieved without some tweaks during the deployment phase of the SDLC, though. A bold move that showed a developer that has the interests of the audience at heart.

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