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Plenty Dragons Slot Review (Amatic)

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Plenty Dragons Slot Review on Bob Casino

Dragons appear in almost any other ancient culture but nowhere else in the universe were the creatures quite so held in awe as in China. There, in marked contrast to other traditions, the dragon was perceived as virtually harmless and was even believed to influence natural phenomena such as rains for the good of the people. Considered the most auspicious symbol in the Chinese zodiac, placed in prime destinations as gold carvings, murals & jade figurines, weaved into fabrics intended for the royals, and with countless references in literature & performed arts, the dragon looms literally everywhere in ancient and modern-day China.

In an attempt to capture all that like many other slot developers before them, the alpha geeks at Amatic bring you a brand new slot titled plenty dragons. As hinted by the title, line up plenty of dragons on the reels and fly away with incredible wins that could go all the way to a whopping 100000000 coins!

Play Plenty Dragons for Free – Mobile & PC

Explore the world of Dragons! Play Plenty Dragons here for real money or play a free demo below:

Slot Features

  • RTP: TBA
  • 50 Win Lines
  • Wild Multipliers
  • Paying Scatter
  • Max win: 100000000 coins
  • Devices: Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet


On the technical side of things, the Plenty Dragons slot plays out on a typical slot interface with 5 reels and 4 rows. Across this slightly bumped-up layout, Plenty Dragons utilizes 50 win lines, which are more than enough to give you high chances of landing a win on every spin. And just like the majority of slots from Amatic Industries, casual players or those on a tight budget are allowed to alter the number of paylines to allow for smaller bets that translate to longer playing sessions.

The control tab is placed below the play area as usual. There is a lines selector that toggles between 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 paylines and bet selectors sandwiching a large spin button. The range of bets provided by the bet selectors of course depends on the exact number of lines you have selected. Also worth mentioning are the single-push max bet and auto-play button. While the latter sets the reels to spin non-stop, the aforementioned is the key to chasing the best of what this game has to offer.

Even though this is an overly hackneyed theme in the slots universe, Plenty Dragons somehow still manages to surprise your eyes. The symbols are nothing you have not seen before, but they are all beautifully crafted at least. You can see koi fish, golden ingots, peacocks, and dragons, all of which are associated with success and good fortune in Chinese culture. As you would expect, the dragon is the premier symbol in terms of the payouts, and it also comes with some special features we will talk about later.

At the time of writing, the RTP information was nowhere to be seen, but after giving the slot a good test drive, we concluded that it must be close to 97%, which is what the best slots in the market offer. We mean, it was hard to go for 5 spins without landing a substantial win; we even managed to quadruple our bankroll at one point!

Summoning the Wild Dragons

As already mentioned, the dragon is the highest-paying symbol netting rewards of up to 20 times your bet for a full line. On top of that, it can substitute all other symbols in the game to complete a winning combination whose payout it will double!

The Pearl

Bonus Round in Plenty Dragond Slot on Bob Casino

Chinese art often depicts two dragons fighting over a flaming pearl. If it’s just a solo dragon in the picture, it is often seen protecting a pearl dearly under its chin or claws and for good reason… the pearl is a source of energy, power, and immortality. 

In the game, you will also want to chase after the pearl vehemently. This is because it is the second-best paying symbol in the game that pays anywhere on the grid.

A Breath of Fire

If you are looking for a slot that gives you the best chances of bagging huge wins right from the first spin, this is just the game for you. Plenty Dragons is unlocked right from the start, and this is perhaps even why the developers choose to ignore a bonus round and unnecessary extras altogether. You will have to tolerate repetitive gameplay but after getting used to it, this will be your go-to game when you are yearning for a quick buck. 

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