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In the contest of slot machine gambling, a pay line (also spelled as payline) is a line you can place bets on. The amount of pay lines offered by slot machines can range from one (e.g. classic three reel, one row machines) to several hundred thousand (e.g. some Megaways slots).

Early physical slot machines had a single payline, consisting of three reels of one row each. As the industry evolved, multi-line games became very common. Then, the introduction of video slots and online gambling removed virtually all limitations to game complexity. This led to an explosion in the number of pay lines that slots could have, ultimately resulting in Megaways slots with hundreds of thousands of pay lines. Today, most slots are multi-line games and single pay line machines are a rarity.

Slot players have different strategies when it comes to betting on pay lines. Conservative players and low rollers will often stick to betting on a single pay line to get as many spins as possible for their bankroll. Aggressive players and high-rollers, on the other hand, will often bet on all available pay lines to maximize their chances of winning.

Pay line (Payline):

  • A slot machine line you can place bets on.

Payline in multiline wild cats slot

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