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Net Winnings

Net Winnings – total winnings minus a wager. For instance, If you place in bet $10 and win $10, you will have $20 altogether and your net winnings are $20-$10 (your initial bet)=$10.

The term “net winnings”  refers to the real profit a player makes from a stake. You can calculate your net winnings by subtracting your initial wager from your total (gross) winnings. 

For example, let’s say you bet $30 USD during a hand of poker to compete for a total pot of $120 USD. If you were to win, your total / gross winnings would equal $120 USD (i.e. the pot), while your net winnings would equal $90 USD (the pot, minus your initial bet of $30 USD).

When gambling, you will either win or lose money every time you make a wager. Calculating your net winnings will make it easier for you to keep better track of your total profits and losses. This is especially important if you intend to become a professional or semi-professional gambler. Therefore, make sure to use our Net Wins calculator to make sure you get the right amount of prize money.

The amount of money you stake , $
Your hypothetical win from the initial bet , $

Gambling Winnings

Your gambling net winnings are the amount of money you take home with you, i.e. the amount you receive from the type of game or bet you take part in. Each and every platform will have its own rules about the way in which you can cash in your winnings. Likewise, the time duration you have to wait to have your winnings transferred into your bank account also differs between online platforms. Some platforms will also offer sped-up transfers for an additional fee. 

Certain online websites allow you to withdraw your entire balance from your betting account, while others will have a set limit on how much can be withdrawn during any one day. Some platforms will also charge you a transaction fee on the amount. This fee can take the form of either a fixed fee or a percentage of the entire amount. This means that, in order to find out how much pure profit you will have made, you must subtract the platform’s service fees from your net winnings. As this affects your expected net winnings, it is always important to familiarize yourself with the rules of an online gambling platform before you start using it.

Knowledge is power. Always remembering to check the terms and conditions of the venues you’re considering to use is a good habit in general, regardless of whether you’re playing at an online or a physical casino. 

Gambling Winnings and Taxation

As with most things in life, gambling winnings are subject to taxation. In most countries, there is a special gambling tax that covers your gambling winnings (often termed “gambling income”), which is why the amount you win must be disclosed to your country’s internal revenue service. Failure to pay tax on your gambling winnings may result in fines or, in some cases, even prison time. 

Let’s take the United States as an example. In the US, the total amount of gambling income you receive, be it your casino net winnings or your sports betting winnings, must be clearly declared on the tax returns you submit to the federal government. The total amount of money obtained through all gambling activities—such as online casinos, slot machines, lotteries, sweepstakes, et cetera—is subject to a single tax of 24%. Failure to state this income and pay this tax is considered to be a serious crime as it essentially constitutes tax evasion. 

At this point, you might be asking:

If I am required to pay tax on my gambling winnings, does that also mean that I can write off my gambling losses as deductions? 

The answer depends on your country’s taxation system. Those living in the US, for example, are able to do so, as gambling income is counted as any other income. Americans can include the amount they’ve lost through gambling when filing their tax returns by placing it under deductions. The amount you can deduct is limited by the total amount of winnings you’ve declared on the form, but your losses and winnings have to be declared separately. 

Gambling Loses

You win some; you lose some. Losing is as integral a part of gambling as winning. Despite the fact that we all know this, losses can still be demoralizing. To help their clients recover from losses, certain venues—especially online venues—will sometimes offer you certain promotions that are designed to help you get back on track after you lose a bet or two. Before choosing a new venue, make sure you are aware of whether or not it offers such bonuses and promotions.

Your casino net win is susceptible to the terms and conditions set by the online platform or physical casino location. Most problems encountered by people when collecting their winnings are related to players not taking the time to educate themselves about the rules of the platforms they gamble on. Professional gamblers who do this for a living know all of this information by heart. They are aware of the sites that have player-friendly conditions and the ones it is best to avoid. They also have a firm grasp of all the taxation rules of their country.


Simply put, net winnings are calculated by deducting your initial wager from your total (gross) winnings. 

If you make a request to withdraw money from an online gambling platform, your net winnings will be credited to your bank account. When withdrawing, you are subject to the commissions and limitations of the online platform, so it’s best to research this information before you start gambling. 

Alternatively, you can also opt to also use your net winnings to keep playing in hopes of winning even more money. Most professional gamblers will not withdraw below a certain amount to make sure they always have enough to wager with.

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