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Mount Mazuma (Moolah) — Review of New Slot from Habanero

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Mount Mazuma logo features a Hawaiian volcano.

A new arrival from Habanero, Mount Mazuma slot is a new cartoonish Hawaiian adventure!

There was some confusion around the name, as the slot also went around as Mount Moolah. Nevertheless, it is still worth looking into the game to see what it brings to the table. 

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Game Stats

Mount Mazuma slot features rather intriguing statistics:

  • 5 reels
  • 243 paylines
  • RTP — 97.98%
  • High Variance

Apart from the standard Wild and Scatter symbols, the slot offers extra features, such as Multiway and Extra Chance!

Free Extra Chance! game if the players wins less than 5x of the bet during free spins. It also gives out a generous 500x reward if the player wins less than 10x during Extra Chance! free game.

With such bonuses, big RTP and high variance, Mount Mazuma offers a variety of ways for the players to win. However, it is unclear what the maximum payout of the game is.

Graphics & Music

The graphics look very cartoony, yet appealing and fitting to the game’s winning potential.

The animations are slick and exhilarating, enough to keep the players excited for the game. The same goes to the music, which is tropical and positive.

Big win on the Hawaiian themed Mount Mazuma slot.

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