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Mini Jackpot

In the context of slot gambling, a mini jackpot is the name often given to the smallest jackpot offered by a machine. It is usually the most commonly awarded of the machine’s grand prizes. Like their bigger siblings, mini jackpots can be either fixed or progressive in nature. In progressive slots, they can start at as little as $10 and are awarded before having a chance to grow past $50-70. 

Hierarchy of Slot Machine Jackpots

In general, developers usually rank their jackpots in the following order:

  1. Grand / Mega Jackpot. Often starts at either $100,000 or $1,000,000 and has no upper ceiling.
  2. Major Jackpot. Second largest prize. May start at $10,000 or $100,000 in progressive machines.
  3. Minor Jackpot. The second most commonly awarded prize. In progressive slots, it often starts at $100 or $1,000
  4. Mini Jackpot. The smallest and most common type of jackpot. In progressive machines, it often starts at as little as $10.

Minor Jackpot in Bonus Game.

Some slots do not award mini jackpots and start offering their prizes at the minor level.

Mini Jackpot:

  • In slots, a name often given to the smallest jackpot.
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