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Mini-Baccarat (often simply called Baccarat) is the variation of Baccarat that is most often played at land-based casinos.

Traditional Baccarat vs Mini-Baccarat

The main difference between the two varieties is in how the cards are dealt to the players. Regular baccarat is played similarly to at-home poker, with one of the players acting as the dealer. Because of this, the game cannot be played by less than two players. Mini-baccarat, on the other hand, utilizes a dedicated casino dealer, so it can be played by 1 to 7 players.

Variant name : Mini Baccarat Traditional Baccarat
Number of players : 1 to 7 2 to 8
Usually played at : Casinos Home



  • The casino version of baccarat.
  • Utilizes a dedicated dealer.
  • Can be played by a single player.

Mini Baccarat Game Table

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