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Lucky Fridays Slot Review (Red Tiger)

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Lucky Fridays slot review on Bob Casino

There’s something about Friday that you don’t see in any other day. Just about everyone seems chill, full swag on, counting down to the end of the day (well duh, Friday night is perfect for getting together (or wild) with friends! And exactly why most of us perceive Friday as the best day of the week.)

For those looking for a slot that literally shouts TGIF, look no further than Lucky Fridays by Red Tiger. Here, players get to spin their way through the days of the week, with the most coveted moments being Friday between 1800 and 0000 hours.

Eager to find out what is in store for you? Hop on!

Play Lucky Fridays for Free — Mobile & PC

Friday might be your luckiest day, all thanks to the newest one from Red Tiger! Play Lucky Fridays for real money here or enjoy a free demo below:

Slot Features

  • Return to Player: 95.77%
  • Volatility: High
  • Bet Range: €£$ 0.20-20
  • 30 Paylines
  • Symbol Removals
  • Giant Wilds
  • Booster Multipliers
  • All Platforms: iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android, Symbian, Chrome OS, etc.
  • All Browsers: Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Chromium, UC Browser, etc.

Slot Overview, Math Model, and Paytable

In terms of presentation, Red Tiger gets 100/100 as they usually do. The backdrop places you in front of an office desk on a Monday morning, and a look around tells just the perfect story. One, there’s a cup of coffee steaming on top of the desk, perhaps to help you get rid of the Monday blues. Second, two sticky notes on the desktop screen displaying the slot’s reels read “Party Friday” “Meet at 1800”. And that right there is the gist of the matter. So, how do you get to the party?

Well, it’s so simple. Do you see the digital clock in front of the keyboard? Keep one eye on it as it will reflect one hour-increments on every spin. Each day runs from 800 to 1800 hours, so it should take you about fifty spins to get to Friday. Before we look at how things turn out in the party, let’s go over the stats of the algorithm running things here.

Getting the clock to start ticking can be achieved on any device with bets ranging from 0.20 to 20 Euros per spin. The kind of bet range suggesting that things can go haywire fast right there. That is unless you are the kind of person who would board The Titanic knowing very well that it is going to sink. The Captain is like, “I am going to steer this thing into an iceberg!” And you are like, “whatever man, I just want to meet Leonardo Di Caprio!” Good cause there, but the stakes are just too high, man.

Playable on a 5X4 grid with 30 paylines, Lucky Fridays is a high volatility slot with an uninspiring below-average RTP setting of 95.77%. Expect modest wins until you get to Friday, where things heat up.

The symbols used here fall under three categories. From the weakest to strongest are fancy accessories such as a golden watch, followed by the stars of their game in official wear and casual wear. There is also a paying substituting wild, which is represented by a red car. 

Let the Party Begin!

The party begins on the 1800 Hours mark on Friday. Here, everything gets livened up as the slot’s stars dress up for the party to deliver better payouts than when in official wear. Additionally, three features are active on each spin. Let’s take a look at them.

Symbol Removal

Only the high-payers will appear on the reels.

Giant Wilds

Giant wilds that may reach 3X3 in size appear for that round. That increases the chances of winning big since wilds are the highest-valued symbols on the paytable.

Wild Symbols in Lucky Fridays Slot


Dice reveal booster multipliers of up to 12X. Does that mean that wins of up to 5400X (15X on 30 paylines with the X12 multiplier) are possible with the highest-paying symbol? Well, actually, no, because it seems the developer has capped the max possible win at 3655.3X.

Lucky Fridays- Our Verdict

Like most Red Tiger slots of late, Lucky Fridays’ biggest constraint lies in its limited potential. We mean, imagine how big this slot would have become if it had massive win potential, considering that it does a good job tackling a theme that resonates so perfectly with our daily lives? A max potential of just over 3500X isn’t too bad, but Red Tiger’s efforts in creating crisp graphics need reciprocation when it comes to structuring the algorithms, potential wise. We are just saying.

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