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Louisiana Man Was Robbed by Taxi Driver After Casino Win

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Louisiana welcome sign doesn't say anything about taxi driver robbing casino winners

Winning it big at a casino — this will simply be a dream for most of us. But, if you ever find yourself the possessor of gambling winnings, do yourself a favor and keep it hush-hush. Announcing your good fortune and full pockets is not a good idea, especially when you’re talking to a stranger. Perhaps a drink or two have dulled your senses, but try your hardest to resist any impulse you have to blab. 

Unfortunately, one unidentified man learned this lesson the hard way recently. The man had won approximately 15 grand at a casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana. After collecting his winnings, he flagged down a taxi — and soon afterward made a crucial mistake. Before falling asleep, the man told the taxi driver all about his lucky night and his pocket full of cash. 

The local sheriff’s office released a statement on their official Facebook page. The statement revealed that the cab driver’s name is Brandon Grant. Grant conspired with an accomplice, Fergus Bushnell, who dragged the sleeping man out of the cab and stole his cell phones and the cash. At some point during this process, the man woke up and tried to drag himself back into the cab — however, Grant started to drive away. 

Because of this, the taxi drug the victim’s body along the road for several feet; he sustained minor injuries, but nothing major enough to prevent him from contacting the authorities. During the man’s call to 911, he gave information about Grant as well as the separate truck Bushnell fled the scene in. The victim also told law enforcement that the perpetrators may have been carrying a weapon. 

Thankfully, police officers were able to track down Grant and Bushnell; Grant had stayed in the area, and officers were able to track down Bushnell’s truck using the victim’s description. Bushnell cooperated and turned himself in once found, and was arrested immediately. Both of the perpetrators were taken to the Calcasieu Correctional Center. Grant is facing charges of simple robbery as well as the kidnapping of the second-degree. Bushnell is also facing a simple robbery charge, but he will only be considered an accessory to second-degree kidnapping. 

The victim and the casino were not identified; however, there are several casinos in the area that could have been targeted by the cab driver. For example, the area hosts the Isle of Capri, Golden Nugget, and L’Auberge Casino Resort. There has been an influx of crime targeting these casinos lately, and local law enforcement prefers to keep the casino names anonymous in each case. 

Last December, one of the casinos had been hit by three robbers. They stole an undisclosed amount from the casino and still have not been caught.

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