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Lightning Baccarat First Person (Evolution)

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Lightning Baccarat First Person from Evolution Gaming

Evolution has come with yet another live casino game: Lightning Baccarat First Person. The game boasts of super-charged lightning strikes and a bunch of multipliers to add excitement to the game. The main idea behind this game is to simulate the look and feel of the standard Lightning Baccarat casino game. Here is what you need to know before playing. 

What is Lightning Baccarat First Person? 

The First Person range of Evolution casino games combines RNG and live casino gaming. Each game in this range comes with a unique «GO LIVE» button that immediately returns a player to the live casino through an in-game portal. First Person Lightning Baccarat is no different as it comes with functionality and thrill similar to that of Lightning Baccarat. However, a player can enjoy the game without a live dealer, but if they change their mind, they can hit the «GO LIVE» button, and they will be taken to the live casino. 

Let’s be clear; this is an RNG-based title. The only difference between RNG and live games is the player experience when it comes down to it. The gameplay is still the same as the player has no control over what lands on the table. 


Game Details

As mentioned, First Person Lightning Baccarat has the same exciting features as the Lightning Baccarat. the game features a shoe of 8 standard 52 decks with the following values:

  • Aces-1 point.
  • Card 2-9- worth their face value.
  • All 10s, Qs, Ks, and Js-worth 0. 

The value of each card is made up of the total value of the cards; that is, a hand consisting of 7 and a face card (J, Q, and K) is worth 7, while a hand consisting of 6 and 8 is worth only 4. You can choose player and banker bets at 1:1 odds or tie bets of 8:1. Banker and player bets are available as side bets. The game only has 1 side bet (pairs). You predict that the first 2 cards will be a pair.

Lightning Baccarat First Person live dealer in a mask

Evolution setting example for their players, as their dealers are wearing face masks inside the studio.

How to Play

The excitement of the game builds up right from when the cards are dealt. Each lightning card comes with a multiplier between 2x to 8x attached to it. If a player wins a hand containing a lightning card, the winnings will be multiplied by the value of the multiplier.

If the winning hand has more than two lightning cards, the attached multipliers will be multiplied, and then the player’s payout will be multiplied with the total multiplier. The initial bet is then added to the total winnings. For instance, a winning hand with 3 lightning cards yields 8x8x8 (512x) the stake.

Evolution does not disappoint when it comes to winnings. If a hand does not contain any lightning cards, the usual payout rules will be applied. 

One advantage of RNG casino games is that seats are always available with very decent table limits of $1 and $5000. It’s also super easy and fast to start playing. You can choose to play with commissions or with no commission.


Our Verdict

The First Person Lightning Baccarat has been made available for players who want more control, but it’s not a replacement for the standard Lightning Baccarat. We love that you can play this casino game without going «live», and you can still enjoy the look and presentation of the classic Lightning Baccarat.

If you change your mind any time during the play, the standard game is just a click away. We can safely say that most fans will be pleased as this game features almost all the advantages of the standard game.


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