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Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a table game based on five-card stud poker. The goal of the game is to get the best possible combination from three hole cards and two community cards.

The game’s most distinguishing feature is that it gives you two opportunities to take back one-third of your initial bet. The first opportunity occurs after you see your hand and before the first community card is revealed. The second opportunity takes place between the reveal of the first community card and the second community card. You have the right to take advantage of one, both, or neither of these opportunities. If you’re not using any of these opportunities, you are letting it ride.

Let It Ride Payout Table

Combination Payoff
Royal flush  1,000:1
Straight flush  200:1
Four of a kind  50:1
Full house  11:1
Flush  8:1
Straight  5:1
Three of a kind  3:1
Two pair  2:1
Pair of 10s or better  1:1

Popularity and House Edge

The game was extremely popular when it first came out, but nowadays gamblers tend to gravitate to other types of card games. This is because the game has a very high casino advantage (aka house edge) of 3.5%.

In comparison, blackjack has a house edge of 1% and full-pay Jacks or Better video poker has a casino advantage of 0.46%.

Let it ride:

  • A table game based on five-card stud poker.

Let it ride poker game

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