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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Baby Name Odds From Bookmakers

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are awaiting their fourth child from a surrogate mother and bookmakers are chiming in. If you thought that the royal baby name odds were strange, wait until you read the names of this one.

So much attention from the bookies likely comes due to already unorthodox names of the couple’s three children — North, Saint and Chicago. Seeing that the expected baby is a boy, this allows for some peculiar name choices and unexpected odds.

Shortest Odds on Kanye West Child Name

The list of names range widely, but most of the sensible ones also feature the shortest odds:

  • Robert — 8/1. The name might not seem to be as original as the power couple prefers. However, Robert Kardashian, the famous OJ Simpson lawyer, is the father of Kim Kardashian. Robert is also the name of her brother.
  • South — 14/1/ This one is certainly original, but not too weird. Seeing that North West is their eldest daughter, having a boy with a name opposite to their first child would be symbolic and not too out there for Kim and Kanye.
  • Ye — 25/1. Long-standing Kanye’s nickname would be appropriate for the rapper’s ego and is one of the more probable.
  • Ray — 33/1. Another regular name comes from Kanye’s father, which is also a plausible option, according to bookies and tabloids.
  • Kris — 33/1. As you might have guessed, all the regular names come from real people. Kris is the famous mother of Kim, with not as many chances for a boy to be named after her.

Weirdest Name Odds 

Of course, you can’t go far without stumbling across some names weirder than those above.

  • Donald — 14/1. Some bookies offer relatively short odds on the boy being named in honor of the US President. 
  • Jesus — 20/1. Honestly, this one sounds more likely to be the name than Donald.
  • Key — 40/1. Key West is the furthest point of Miami. This would be a name in the style of their youngest daughter Chicago.
  • Prince — 40/1. More of a whimsical name, but not without real-life precedents.
  • Future — 80/1. In this case, apart from having a weird sounding name, the boy would also be a namesake of a fellow rapper Future.
  • West — 66/1. No comments here.
  • London — 300/1. Even though one of their kids is named after a city, this one is just too out there.

It’s easy to see why bookmakers would flock to offer odds on the Kim and Kanye’s baby. There are too many name options to overlook. However, if anyone were to bet on the name, the actual odds would not represent the real chances, as the couple’s originality is just too unpredictable.