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Hyper Burst Slot Review (Yggdrasil)

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Hyper Burst Slot review on Bob Casino

Yggdrasil turns up the heat in their latest in-house slot titled Hyper Bust. Yeah, literally turning it up, so you might want to don your bunker gear for this one.

The action takes place on the summit of an active volcanic mountain, where every win guarantees a lava overflow from the crater. That statement sort of wraps it up, with the lava modifying the reels to increase the chances of hitting it big.  Ready? Let’s go!

Play Hyper Burst For Free- Mobile & PC

An ancient volcano is bursting with riches. Have what it takes to ascend? Play Hyper Burst for real money here or enjoy a free demo below:

Slot Features

  • RTP: 96%
  • Volatility: High
  • 25 Paylines
  • Bet Range: $/€/£ 0.10-100
  • Merging Reels
  • All Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Blackberry, etc.
  • All Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Explorer, Edge, etc.
  • Tech: HTML5

Slot Overview, Math Model, and Paytable

The story writers and visual artists at Yggdrasil enlighten the end-user fully here. It’s a hike to the tip of a volcanic mountain that’s bursting with riches. No need to delve so much into that, though the strict observer might notice how similar the reel-modifying-lava flows are to the wild feature in Victoria Wild. (Check out Victoria Wild here)


Plowing ahead, Yggdrasil turns up the volatility to near-max here, perhaps to reflect the theme. That means playing might sometimes feel like challenging the juggernaut in COD with just a pistol. Despite that, the Return to Player percentage hits the average mark (96%) to help even things out in the long run. In other words, the slot could take a toll on your bankroll, only to indemnify you in the blink of an eye; this makes absolute sense since each win triggers the primary feature.

The regular symbols start with hackneyed J-A fillers that rack up 2X at best, followed by mid-pay tribal masks that pay more tempting rewards of up to 8X. The premier payer is the wild card, which substitutes for any regular to complete a winning combination besides racking up an impressive 100X for six of-a-kind.

Re-spins on every win

Every win triggers a re-spin, where two of the middle reels merge to bring up giant 2X2 symbols. Land up to three consecutive wins for the best-case scenario, where four of the middle reels will have merged up.

Hyper Mode

The said mode is activated once you manage to merge the central reels. Here, the chances of landing bigger wins are increased by a booster multiplier that increases by +1 on each re-spin. Important to note, booster multipliers can only go up to X10. Also, re-spin sessions will come to an end on a non-winning round.

Hyper Burst

In the end, it comes down to one question. That is, how much can Hyper Burst shell out at best?

To answer that question, the manual this slot ships with states a max win of 1280000 or 12800X. Not bad, but is it true, considering that underneath the reels is a 25-payline groundwork? Let’s do the maths.

Volcana Burst in Hyper Burst Slot

With the best possible multiplier (X10) and with the premier symbols (wilds) occupying the entire grid, wins of up to 25000X (100X on 25 Paylines) are theoretically possible. So, yes, wins of 12800X are possible since wild payouts substitute regular symbol payouts if they are more. Take this, combine it with the slot’s predominant high volatility model math model, and you get a slot that ‘core players will storm at like Walmart on Black Friday.

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