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Hard Way Bet

A hard way bet is a high-paying bet in craps that wins if both dice show the same number. To place a hard way bet, all you have to do is place your chips on the hardways zone of the craps table. There are four types of hardway bets that can be placed on the craps table.

Types of Hard Way Bets

  • Pair of 2s: comes with 8:1 payoff;
  • Pair of 3s: comes with a 10:1 payoff;
  • Pair of 4s: comes with a 10:1 payoff;
  • Pair of 5s: comes with 8:1 payoff;

Hardway bet:

  • A craps bet on a pair of the same numbers.

Casino Craps Bet on Same Pair of Numbers


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