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H3H3 vs Twitch Gambling: Why Did the Former YouTube Star Attack Slot Streamers?

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TrainwrecksTV, Adin Ross and Ethan Klein from H3H3 Twitch gambling controversy.

One of the most polarizing YouTube stars of yesteryear, Ethan Klein, has sharply criticized Twitch gambling streamers in one of his most recent podcasts.

H3H3 made several sweeping statements about the Twitch gambling community. He talked a lot of there being a supposed problem of illegal casino gaming on Twitch. According to him, all of the gambling venues promoted by streamers were nothing more by scam sites. He also alleged that gambling streams (which have to be labelled as being for mature audiences only) were somehow getting “kids hooked on gambling”.

So what happened? Are there any grounds to H3H3’s claim of widespread gambling fraud and child indoctrination into a life of gambling via Twitch? And how have the biggest names in the Twitch casino streaming community responded to this?

Let’s find out.

Who Is H3H3?

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Ethan Klein, aka H3H3, is a former YouTube star who used to be well known for making comedy videos with his wife, Hila Klein.

The original h3h3Productions channel was well-liked by audiences of all ages and backgrounds. 

In fact, many members of our editorial staff used to watch his channel religiously and were always excited to see what skits Ethan had planned for them next.

In 2017, H3H3 created a podcast channel. The podcast format proved very profitable. Ethan quickly found out that stoking up drama was an easy way to gain high viewership numbers on his podcast highlight videos.

What’s more, producing drama-infused podcasts proved to be much simpler than having to write, act out, and edit original comedy videos. 

So the original format was quickly dropped and H3H3 became predominantly a podcaster.

Eventually, however, H3H3 would abandon this format as well. Only returning to it recently.

What Did H3H3 Say About Twitch Gambling?



In one of his most recent streams, H3H3 chose the Twitch casino streaming community as the latest target of his drama.

He went to the gambling section of Twitch and saw the world’s most popular gambling streamer, TrainwrecksTV at the top of the charts.

Despite Trainwrecks’ channel being labeled as being meant for mature audiences only (as is required by Twitch’s terms & conditions), H3H3 proceeded to make groundless claims about his content indoctrinating children into becoming gambling addicts:

“So this guy just gambles all day. I personally find this to be really messed up. Let’s see what he’s up to right now. Let’s watch Trainwrecks get kids hooked on gambling.

When Ethan opened up Trainwrecks’ stream, however, he found that the streamer wasn’t actually playing any casino games. He was playing a survival video game called Rust.

So he searched for another victim. And he chose Adin Ross.

Before even opening up his stream, H3H3 called Adin a “little punk”. And he went on to say that:

“This kid… has been really p***ing me off lately. The gambling s**t and the crypto s**t. He’s just not a good dude. … It seems like he’s willing to do anything to make money off the back of his fans and laugh about it.”

He then went on to make sweeping statements and spread misinformation about the Twitch gambling community.

He made such groundless claims as there being a widespread problem of scammy and illegal gambling on the platform. And claimed that virtually all online casinos were nothing more than scam sites.

This, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth.

As many of you know, online gambling is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world.

How Did the Twitch Community React to H3H3’s Statements?

Reactions from slot streamers and other members of the community varied from amused and entertained to angered and dumbfounded.

Roshtein played it cool and brushed the comments off without reacting to them.


qXc, on the other hand, refused to let this groundless misinformation spread. He made a video breaking down the claims of the disinformation campaign one by one.

qXc then hosted H3H3 on his own podcast to discuss the latter’s supposed concerns. And it went as you’d expect. Here’s a short summary tweet by m0E_tv:

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