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Our Guide to Casino Etiquette

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Bob Casino's Guide to Casino Etiquette

Would you wear white to someone’s wedding? How about wearing a scarlet to a funeral? No, of course not! Doing so goes against common etiquette, and you’d be sure to draw attention to yourself. Well, did you know that there is also proper casino gambling etiquette to follow? Keep reading this guide, and we’ll show you exactly what kind of decorum is expected of gamblers.

1. Dress for the Occasion

Rolling up to a casino while wearing crocs and cargo shorts might earn you some snide glances from other gamblers. You might even be denied entry to the casino if they have a dress code in place. To be on the safe side, we recommend dressing business casual. This includes collared shirts for men and dressy blouses for women. Don’t wear sandals, and never wear torn or dirty clothing. Keep in mind that the casino you frequent may have different dress standards during the day and night. 

2. Keep Your Cool

It’s easy to get carried away while playing for real money. Just keep in mind that it’s frowned upon to yell in a casino. If you just scored a huge win, it’s totally fine to be excited. Let’s just try to keep the jumping for joy at a minimum, shall we?

3. Table Manners

Don’t take a seat at a table unless you are ready to play. If you’re there to give your friend some support, you can stay standing behind the table. While playing at a table, don’t use your phone. Step away if you need to take a call. 

4. Tipping

It isn’t mandatory to tip in a casino, but it is a polite way to thank dealers for their work. Some gamblers always leave a tip, which is typically between 10% to 15% of the buy-in amount. Others prefer to leave a percentage of their winnings, usually 1% to 5%. 

5. Common Courtesy

Even if you are frustrated with the outcome of a game, don’t take it out on fellow players or the dealer. If you think the dealer has made a mistake, simply bring it to their attention. 

6. Roulette Etiquette

When you join the roulette table, ask for chips. These special chips don’t have values corresponding to their colors. Rather, their colors just separate you from the other players. When you’re finished, cash out your roulette chips for casino chips directly at the table.

Before placing a bet, wait until all of the previous round’s bets have been paid out or cleared. The dealer will open up the table for betting once it’s clear, and you’ll have about 1 minute to make your new wagers.

Do NOT past post! Past posting is when a player changes their bet after the roulette croupier has closed the betting window. In the best-case scenario, your bet will be voided. In the worst case, you may be asked to leave. 

Past posting at roulette is not considered a proper casino etiquette

7. Blackjack Etiquette

Make sure you know the proper blackjack hand signals before playing. This will eliminate any confusion on your end of the dealer’s end. These are the symbols to keep in mind: 

Some other blackjack etiquette guidelines to keep in mind include: 

  • When watching a game of blackjack, observe from afar. By hovering over players, you risk distracting or agitating them. 
  • When placing additional chips, set them beside your original wager instead of on top. 
  • If your cards are dealt face up, you can’t touch them. If they’re dealt face down, you may touch them with one hand. 

8. Poker Etiquette

While playing poker, don’t bet out of turn! Wait until the person to your right has acted. You should also be sure not to toss your chips into the pot. Instead, place your wager directly in front of you. The dealer will check to ensure that your bet is correct, and then scoop it into the pot himself. 

Protect your cards at all times. If another player’s cards get intermingled with yours, your hand will be declared dead. 

Don’t hold up the game! Poker is a relatively fast-paced game, and you shouldn’t spend too much time agonizing over every decision. If you feel like you don’t have a handle on how to play poker, consider playing online. Practice will boost your confidence, thus helping you make quicker decisions at a real poker table. 

9. Slot Machine Etiquette

Even though playing slot games is usually a solo venture, there are still etiquette procedures you must follow! For instance, many gamblers place a hold on their slot machine while they take a short break. Before sitting at an empty machine, check to make sure that it isn’t being held by somebody else. 

If you need to take a break, don’t hold the machine for more than 15 minutes. And, while you’re on a break, don’t leave your credits unattended! 

If the casino is busy, don’t play multiple slot machines at once, as this isn’t fair to other players.

Playing by Your Own Rules

What if all of these casino etiquette rules sound like a load of poppycock? What if you want to play gambling games in your pajamas, jumping for joy when you win? Online gambling could be a great choice for you.

At Bob Casino, you don’t have to worry about adhering to any etiquette rules. Wear whatever you’d like, and play online casino games wherever and whenever you’d like. Our huge game library includes a giant selection of slot machines as well as table games. You can even experience the thrill of a live casino online! The games in our live section include online roulette and blackjack, among others.

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