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Green Chip

In the context of gambling, the term green chip refers to a casino chip worth $25 USD. The term takes its name comes from the fact that, traditionally, $25 chips used to be green in color. Nowadays, this is not always the case as manufacturers offer casinos and home gamblers a wide variety of chip color choices.

Green, orange, and black chips are associated with high rollers as they are most often used for placing large bets.

Another term for this chip is a quarter.

Classic Casino Chip Colors:

  • $1: White
  • $5: Red
  • $10: Blue
  • $20: Grey
  • $25: Green
  • $50: Orange
  • $100: Black

Green Chip:

  • A casino chip carrying a value of $25 USD.

A casino chip carrying a value of $25 USD.



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