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Frost Queen Jackpots Slot Review (Yggdrasil)

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Frost Queen Jackpots Review

As of 2019, developer Yggdrasil had rolled out four collections jackpot slots. And except for Empire Fortune (2016), the rest were virtually similar to the very first slot in the category, Holmes & the Stolen Stones (2015). Not only in the way the reels were setup, but also feature-wise since each came with collections, a pick and click bonus game, and a jackpot screen featuring five local progressives. Does the developer take the same route with Frost Queen jackpots, the fifth installment in the collections jackpot category?

Play Frost Queen Jackpots For Free- Mobile & PC

Yggdrasil rolls out yet another collections jackpot slot. Play Frost Queen Jackpots for real money or in a free demo that is coming soon to Bob Casino!

Slot Features

  • Return to Player: 96%
  • Volatility: 23.75 (Low)
  • Reel Layout: 5×3
  • Paylines: 20
  • Default Bet Range: €20-40
  • Collection
  • Pick-and-click Bonus Game
  • Treasure Chest Bonus Game
  • Jackpot Slot
  • Max Win: €50600
  • All Devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Mac Books, Phablets, Chromebooks, etc.
  • All Browsers: Opera, Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Explorer, Safari, etc.

Skin, Algorithm Stats, Paytable, & Basic Rules

If you are a Frozen fan, you will immediately notice its influence on Frost Queen Jackpots’ overall look. We mean, it’s hard to look at the stars of the game and not think of Elsa and Kristoff. That is not to mention the soundtrack and the backdrop, which features a castle high up on snowy mountains.

Plowing ahead, stats are decent and chiseled to meet the demands of the risk avert, predominantly with a low volatility rating and a hit frequency rating of just over 28%. That translates to a win in virtually any other spin and very high chances of triggering the extras, as well. As for the RTP, it is above-average at 96%, but lower than what we have observed with any of the other slots in the category. Not with much, though, since the best we have seen in the category is a 96.8% from Holmes & the Stolen Stones. It’s important to note that this could be even lower during the base game since about three percent is dedicated to the jackpots. The last stat is the base game potential, which is that bad for a jackpot slot at 1265x.

Those itching to get into the jackpot chase can do so with bets ranging from 0.20 to 40 Euros, adjustable with the + and – coin value selectors. It’s always important to stake as high as you can when it comes to progressive jackpot slots since it increases the chances of triggering the jackpot feature. For those who want to go all-in, the max bet is available right beside the spin and auto-spin buttons, both of which you can use to set the reels in motion. Remember, 3.8% of each bet is contributed towards the progressive cash pool.

The paytable reveals the payouts for three to five-of-a-kind combinations of the featured symbols. Players find four premiums offering two to two hundred times the bet and four blackjack icons offering one to ten times the bet.

Key Collection

There are 5 key types corresponding to each of the five progressive jackpots on offer. Five keys of each type must be collected to trigger the jackpot free spins. There are a few things to note. One, each key appears on its reel, with the blue, green, violet, red, and orange keys appearing on the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth reel, respectively. Second, two blue keys and one of each of the other key types are awarded at the start of the session. Third, it is possible to complete collections for certain key types at the same time, whereby each of the triggered jackpot free spins will be played back-to-back. Fourth and finally, key collections are saved between sessions.

Pick-and-Click Game

The named feature is probably the first you will trigger. Activated by landing two scatters, it presents the player with five boxes to pick from. Possible prizes include a payout of one to four times the bet, the magic mirror, or one key type towards the collection.

The Magic Mirror

The magic mirror can be triggered by either landing at least three scatters or from the pick-and-click game discussed above. The magic mirror can either award the treasure chest bonus game or the jackpot free spins. Important to note, four and five scatters will award fifty and five hundred times the bet, respectively.

Treasure Chest Bonus Game

Triggered by the magic mirror as mentioned above, the treasure chest bonus game is a multi-level game that allows players to progress through different levels with treasure chests to pick from. If your pick doesn’t reveal a key towards the collection or a 5-100x reward, it’s game over.

Progressive Jackpots

As already mentioned, there are three ways in which you can get to the jackpot free spins. One, through a magic mirror triggered by collecting three scatter symbols. Two, through a magic mirror from the pick and click game. And three, from the key collection.

During jackpot free spins, all non-jackpot wins will be subjected to an x3 modifier. Collections continue as in the base game, only that five collections of the blue, green, violet, red, and orange keys will now award the blue, green, violet, red, and orange jackpot, respectively. Each starts seeding at 40, 200, 600, 1500, and 15000 Euros, respectively.

Jackpot win in Frost Queen Jackpots

Player’s Notes: Chances of hitting the jackpot free spins or the treasure chest bonus game from the magic mirror are split 50-50.  Also, one jackpot gem will be awarded at the start of the jackpot free spins, if the jackpot free spins are triggered through key-collection. For example, if the player completes the blue keys collection first, then a blue gem will be awarded at the start of the session. The same case applies to the green, violet, red, and orange keys.

Frost Queen Jackpots- Our Verdict

As to the question posed at the beginning, the answer is affirmative. Like Ozwin’s Jackpots (2018) and Jackpot Raiders (2019) before it, Frost Queen Jackpots is more or less a re-skin of Holmes & the Stolen Stones. Well, there are some tweaks in the math model stats, but since they are not enough to influence the results majorly, we all arrive at a consensus. The goal of each re-skin is to offer players a different environment to chase Yggdrasil’s local progressives in.

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