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Front Money

In the context of gambling, the term front money refers to a deposit that a player makes to their account before they begin their gaming session. In most larger casinos, this deposit is typically made at the cashier’s cage. By making a deposit, the player frees themself from the burden of having to carry around stacks of chips or currency. This is typically done for the sake of convenience and security.

What is the Difference Between Front Money and Credit?

Front money and credit are both non-chip / non-currency methods of wagering. They are used at tables in exactly the same way: by signing special markers which are then tallied up.

The main difference between front money and casino credit is in the following. When using front money, the player wagers with their own pre-deposited funds. But in the case of credit, they gamble with money lent to them by the casino.

Front money:

  • A deposit that a player makes before they start playing at a casino.

100 dollar deposit in casino


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