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Four of a Kind

In the context of poker, four of a kind is the third-strongest possible hand (see poker hand rankings). To assemble a four of a kind, the poker player needs to get a card of the same rank from all suits (e.g. all aces or all 9s). The true odds of assembling a four of a kind combination during a hand of poker are 4,165:1 or 0.024%.

Top 5 Strongest Hands in Poker

Listed below are the top five strongest hands in poker and the mathematical probability of assembling them:

  1. Royal Flush (0.000154%)
  2. Straight Flush (0.00139%)
  3. Four of a Kind (0.024%)
  4. Full House (0.1441%)
  5. Flush (0.1965%)

Four of a Kind Payout Odds (Video Poker)

Being the third-strongest poker hand, behind only a royal flush and a straight flush, four of a kind offers generous payouts to players in video poker.

In Jacks or Better, players get paid according to 25:1 payoff odds.

In Bonus Poker, the combination pays 25:1.

In Joker Poker, four of a kind affords the player a 17:1 payout. 

Four of a Kind cards on casino table

Four of a Kind:

  • The third-strongest hand in poker.

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