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Four Macau Casino Robbers Arrested: One of Them Dressed as a Woman

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After Macau Casino was robbed of $382k in chips early morning on Friday, Macau police have arrested four people suspected of connection to the crime later that day. Two men were arrested in the city, while a woman and another man were apprehended in Zhuhai. 

The local police held a press conference about the incident over the weekend. According to it, three people were part of the operation. One of them dressed up as a woman and went scouting the casino the night before the robbery. He was later recognized to be the suspect from the casino’s CCTV footage.

All in all, 31 chips each worth HK$100,000 were stolen. It took the robbers only 3 to 5 minutes to complete.

After the robbery, two of the men fled Macau. Meanwhile, one of the men’s girlfriend stayed behind to recruit a fourth person. The latter would change chips into cash and smuggle it out of the country. That person was not a part of the main group.

As mentioned in the previous news story, the casino-related crime rate in Macau has risen 14%. However, when asked about this, the police said that this case is an isolated issue.

The female was arrested in a hotel she was staying in. The other two have changed public transportation and their clothes to avoid detection. Later on, they have left the city separately. They didn’t go too far and were arrested in the neighboring city of Zhuhai.