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Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Betting Odds — Updated for 2020

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Updated: April 2020.

The gambling world never ceases to want to make weird bets. Bets on Game of Thrones deaths, odds on Kim and Kanye’s baby name and even US politics. However, this doesn’t come close to the biggest song contest in the world — Eurovision.

Seeing the number of viewers that the contest attracts every year, online bookmakers are prone to offer their odds on the winning country.

Eurovision 2019 Results and a Look at 2020

As most odds have indicated, the Netherlands won with Duncan Laurence’s song “Arcade” and Eurovision 2020 will take place in Rotterdam. Italy and Russia came in second and third, despite the odds for them being at the longer end of the spectrum — 15/1. A potential runner-up Australia only took the 9th place, despite the more hopeful odds of 5/1.

For the 2020 event, the following contestants that have been chosen to represent their respective countries:

  • Albania: Arilena Ara – “Fall from the Sky”
  • Armenia: Athena Manoukian – “Chains on You”
  • Australia: Montaigne – “Don’t Break Me”
  • Austria: Vincent Bueno – “Alive”
  • Azerbaijan: Efendi – “Cleopatra”
  • Belarus: VAL – “Da vidna”
  • Belgium: Hooverphonic – “Release Me”
  • Bulgaria: VICTORIA – “Tears Getting Sober”
  • Croatia: Damir Kedžo – “Divlji vjetre”
  • Cyprus: Sandro – “Running”
  • Czech Republic: Benny Cristo – “Kemama”
  • Denmark: Ben & Tan – “Yes”
  • Estonia: Uku Suviste – “What Love Is”
  • Finland: Aksel Kankaanranta – “Looking Back”
  • France: Tom Leeb – “The Best in Me”
  • Georgia: Tornike Kipiani – “Take Me As I Am”
  • Germany: Ben Dolic – “Violent Thing”
  • Greece: Stefania – “SUPERG!RL”
  • Iceland: Daði & Gagnamagnið – “Gagnamagnið (Think About Things)”
  • Ireland: Lesley Roy – “Story of My Life”
  • Israel: Eden Alene – “Feker libi”
  • Italy: Diodato  – “Fai rumore”
  • Latvia: Samanta Tīna – “Still Breathing”
  • Lithuania: THE ROOP – “On Fire”
  • Malta: Destiny Chukunyere – “All My Love”
  • Moldova: Natalia Gordienko – “Prison”
  • The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy – “Grow”
  • North Macedonia: Vasil – “YOU”
  • Norway: Ulrikke – “Attention”
  • Poland: Alicja – “Empires”
  • Portugal: Elisa – “Medo de sentir”
  • Romania: Roxen – “Alcohol You”
  • Russia: Little Big – “UNO”
  • San Marino: Senhit — “Freaky!”
  • Serbia: Hurricane – “Hasta la vista”
  • Slovenia: Ana Soklič – “Voda”
  • Spain: Blas Cantó – “Universo”
  • Sweden: The Mamas – “Move”
  • Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears – “Répondez-moi”
  • Ukraine: Go_A – “Solovey”
  • United Kingdom: James Newman – “My Last Breath”

This article will be updated as soon as more artists are announced and the betting odds are revealed. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and come back later!

Eurovision 2020 Cancellation 

On March 18, 2020, the European Broadcasting Union gave a press release in which they said that Eurovision 2020 would be cancelled. As was the case with many other public events, Eurovision was cancelled due to health concerns because of the COVID-19 epidemic. 

The Union stated that the contest is in the midst of talks about the contest taking place next year with the same participants. This would mirror the decision made by UEFA in regard to Euro 2020, which was also moved to 2021.

Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light

Instead of Eurovision 2020, the May 16 television slot will be taken up by an event called “Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light”. During this event, all of the 2020 songs will be played, but no winner will be chosen. 

Eurovision Betting Odds

Note: the odds below were relevant during the Eurovision 2019 contest.

The final will see 17 countries. These include the 10 finalists that proceeded thanks to the vote. Additionally, the Big 5 (UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. And finally, the host country (Israel) and Australia. Bookmaker 22Bet has shared the odds on the top 10 contenders:

  1. Netherlands 13/20
  2. Australia 5/1
  3. Sweden 12/1
  4. Switzerland 12/1
  5. Russia 15/1
  6. Italy 15/1
  7. Azerbaijan 16/1
  8. Iceland 22/1
  9. France 30/1
  10. Norway 70/1

Australia’s Kate Miller-Heidke’s has surged from a 9th to 2nd place among the favorites. Even though Duncan Laurence of the Netherlands is largely in the lead, Kate’s earlier precedent can pose a challenge.

Other finalists are mostly performers that were predicted earlier. However, the contest did not go without some upsets. Armenia didn’t qualify for the final, while Albania unexpectedly came out on top. Check out all the performers of the Grand Final in a video below:

Interested in betting on Eurovision? UK citizens can do so on 22Bet UK Eurovision odds. If you’re outside the UK, 22Bet Eurovision line would be the choice for you.

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