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Dime Bet

Dime bet – usually, it means a $1,000 wager. The term is often used in both land-based gambling venues and online casinos. Sometimes, it means a lower amount of money, for instance, $100.

The term dime bet is derived from the name of the American 10¢ coin. Nobody knows when it happened, but at some point, high rollers began to use the term dime to indicate bets of $1,000 USD (10,000x larger than the coin).

Usage example:

When playing craps, you can say “I want to play a dime” if you wish to wager $1,000.

When playing poker, you can say «I’ll raise you a dime» to raise the current bet by $1,000 USD.

Dime Bet:

  • A $1,000 USD wager
  • Sometimes used for a $100 USD wager
  • The name dime comes from the 10¢ coin

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