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Capping is a form of cheating in gambling and sports betting. It consists of adding money to a winning bet in an illegal way after the wager has already been won.

How does capping happen?

Capping can only happen in the timeframe between the player finding out that their bet has won and the payouts being made. If the dealer gets distracted for a moment during this time, the cheater may use the situation to add extra chips to their bet. In his way, it will appear as if the gambler had bet more than they actually have. 

Why do players engage in capping?

As with all forms of cheating, players engage in capping in order to win money they wouldn’t have otherwise won. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say a player with a bet of $20 and 5.00 decimal payoff odds realized their stake had won. If they were to pretend they had bet $100 instead of $20, they would be eligible for a payout of $500, instead of $100. 

Is capping still a serious problem in gambling and sports betting?

No. You can enjoy offline and online gambling and sports betting without worrying about capping. While capping used to be a serious problem for the casino industry, it’s a non-issue today. Such illegal actions are easily detected with modern video surveillance techniques and players engaging in them are immediately banned.


  • A form of cheating in gambling and sports betting.



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