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A Definitive List of the Best Casino Forums and Gambling Help Communities

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AskGamblers, GamCare, Casino Grounds are some of the best casino forums

Community is everything. Gambling forums are a great place for like-minded people to get together and discuss their favorite topic.

These websites can make your gambling experience much better. You can find a lot of good advice there about new casinos you absolutely have to try. You can read which new games are worth playing. You can learn a lot of cool tricks (like how to get free spins). And of course you can just chat with people who have the same interests as you.

And it’s not all just fun and games.

Gamblers can sometimes get carried away by the game they are playing. In these cases, they need to find a way to handle their playing activities.

In this list, we assembled the 5 best gambling forums that will be helpful to you on your gambling journey.

5 Best Gambling Forums


The world’s most popular gambling forum is simple and utilitarian in design. It has many different sections that cover nearly anything you can think of. For example, there are sections that talk about online casinos, sections about different games, and a dedicated gambling industry news section. Players also write posts about what new things they have seen happen at the casinos.

There are new subjects posted every hour or so, and the forum is very well-known among casino players. Its popularity makes it one of the best places to ask questions, and many new online casino players create an account on the forum just in case they need to ask for help.

Askgamblers gambling forum - one of the most popular gambling forums.


This website is a place where you can read about the best casinos and see a user rating of all of them. Here, each casino has a rating composed of thousands of reviews from players. If you are a player of any of these casinos, you can also leave your own rating on the site. There are ratings for separate games as well.

As of the forum, you will often see news on here describing the latest and greatest games.

Casinomeister gambling forum - home to a large gambling community.

The forum has a comfortable structure that is easy to navigate and use. There are many different sections there. There is also a separate section where members can create subjects and chat about whatever they feel like. And then there is the complaints section, where you can talk about negative experiences with casinos.

This is the best online casino forum for those of you who want to learn more about online casinos and find the one that suits you best.

Eog forum

This is one of the best casino message boards. You can discuss just about anything here. Of course, the main topics were and always will be casino games, but this forum also includes many sections where people can freely discuss politics, computer games, news, and many other subjects. Choose this forum if you want to always be up to date on news in general and about casinos and games in particular.

Eog gambling message board.

Here you will find many reviews about popular casinos, and you will be able to read about the best games on these casinos. The forum is a popular one, and you will see new topics and reviews pop up pretty often.

Wizard of Vegas

This site is not just a place to discuss casinos. It is also a forum where you will find a lot of interesting information about the city of Las Vegas itself. You can read about the city’s best hotels, places to visit, and, of course, the casinos.

The forum has taken over a similar site, The Wizard of Odds, which was a casino gambling forum, and now it combines the two. It talks about online casinos, and about the city as well.

The Wizard of Vegas gambling forum

Overall, this is one of the best gambling forums, since you have the new option of surveys. You can participate in gambling studies or read their results. The surveys show you which casinos are the best, and there are a few surveys related to particular games, like backgammon and poker.


Even though Reddit is a forum for everybody and about everything, it is also a place where various gambling communities can find a home. The subreddit r/onlinegambling is about online casinos and online gambling.

It has the same structure as all subreddits, and it is also a pretty good place to ask questions. It is the least organized of the five we have listed here, since it is not split up into separate categories.

However this structure makes it the best gambling forum for asking quick questions and getting answers. Many people are present on reddit 24/7, and you are sure to get an answer quick. 

Find out more about Gambling Subreddits here.

Gambling subreddits on Reddit that form a large online gambling community.

Best gambling addiction forums

There is healthy gambling, when a person plays a few times per month for fun, and then there is problem gambling – when gambling becomes an unhealthy obsession. Group support can be extremely beneficial for those who want to limit their playing activities. And that is what specialized forums are for. The people on those forums will be able to give you important life advice and tell you how to quit gambling, what to do in order to keep the addiction from coming back, and many other things.


This seems to be the best gambling addiction forum. On top of this, it has a group chat, a live chat, and a constant phone line which is open for people to call any time of the day. There is also an online gambling forum, which people can access in order to talk about their experiences with casinos and there are many success stories about people who got over their addiction.

The forum also studies the impact of gambling and online casinos on humanity as a whole.

This is another forum where you can seek help if you notice online gambling strengthen its hold on your life.  The forum has a place where you can post questions and reply to other people’s questions too. This makes the forum very popular, since you can quickly ask a question, and you will almost certainly get a reply. There are also reviews from users who have had their mental health saved by consultation and support from the forum.

Twitch Streamer Forums

Twitch is a popular website where all sorts of online games are streamed live to millions of watchers. Online casino games are a popular category on Twitch. You can watch successful players wager real money online, chat with other fans of casino games, and donate cash for them to spend on slots.

The best streamers as of today are Roshtein, LetsGiveItASpin, CasinoDaddy, and Jarttu84. Stop & Step and David Labowski are also great streamers, and they have a huge following on Twitch. Some of these players have their own forums. Here are the ones that we think deserve your attention.

CasinoDaddy Forum

This is one of the biggest casino gambling forums tied to a slot streaming channel. Games like online poker are streamed there almost constantly. You can watch the players as they win and lose, discuss their performance, and much more. The forum also helps new users use deposit bonuses wisely, and there is a chat devoted to bonuses there.

CasinoGrounds Forum

The CasinoGrounds forum is similar to the previous one. It was founded by several prominent Twitch casino streamers, including NickSlots. You’ll see successful players stream their wins, and show others what they can do. It is also a place where you can find casino reviews and read about new online casino games.

Casino Grounds gambling forum

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