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Backdoor Draw

A backdoor draw is a term used to describe a situation in certain poker games, such as Omaha or Texas Hold’em, in which, after the flop, you need an additional two cards to form a strong combination.

For example, you could be dealt such a hand: 4♦  6♥️

After which, the flop could produce the following community cards: 8♦  K♣️  Q♠️

This situation is a backdoor draw, because you can only get a good hand if the turn and the river produce a 5 and a 7 (a straight) or two 4s or 6s (three of a kind). If any other cards appear, you’re likely to lose

Because you can only get a combination good after a favorable turn and river, this is considered to be a bad position. If you‘re a beginner, it’s best to fold in such a situation.

Backdoor draw:

  • A situation in flop poker games in which you need a favorable turn and river to get a strong combination
  • Unless you’re a poker expert, it is best to fold in this situation.

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