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In the context of slot machine gambling, autoplay is a convenience feature that allows players to program the slot to spin the reels automatically. Due to its popularity with players, the feature is present in the vast majority of slots produced today. In most cases, players can program the machine to spin the reels until a certain condition is met, such as a certain amount of spins is made, a certain amount of money has been wagered, lost, or won, etc.

Why Do Slot Players Use Autoplay?

Autoplay is popular with gamblers for many reasons. Here are just a few of them:

Bonus round hunting. Many seasoned players know that the vast majority of winnings are to be found in the slot’s bonus games (such as free spins). Using autoplay allows these players to quickly skip through the grind of the base game and get to the high-paying parts (autoplay stops automatically when the player enters a bonus round).

autoplay feature in online slots

To aid this type of player, some modern online slots now come with special feature buy (bonus buy) mechanics, which allow the player to place a special bet to get instantly get into the bonus game.

Tournament play. The results of slot tournaments often determined by the total winnings a player gets during the tournament. Autoplaying with maximum bets and all active paylines is a common tactic during such events as it gives the players the maximum chances of winning.

Freeing up a hand. Lastly, from a purely practical standpoint, not having to press the spin button manually frees up the player’s second hand. This allows them to focus on drinking a cocktail, smoking, or chatting with their friends while still playing.



  • A slot convenience feature that allows players to program the machine to spin the reels automatically.

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