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Age of the Gods: Spin A Win Review (Playtech)

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Age of the Gods: Spin A Win Slot Review

The developers at Playtech revisit their 2011 release, Spin A Win, to bolster up its offerings. Over and above the wheel’s winnings, the upgraded version offers the coveted Age of the Gods progressives, as well as bonus round multipliers hand-delivered by the Greek pantheon. Ready to spin the wheel for a win? Let’s go!

Play Age of the Gods: Spin a Wheel For Free

Spin A Win is back, bigger and better!The demo and real money version of Spin A Wheel are coming soon to Bob Casino!

Slot Features

  • Return to Player: 96%+
  • Wheel Setup
  • No Paylines
  • Bonus Game
  • Jackpot Game
  • No Bet Limit
  • All Devices: Smartphones, Desktops, Tablets, etc.
  • All Browsers: Chrome, Opera, Edge, Mozilla, etc.
  • Code: HTML5

Game Details & How to Play

A Graeco-styled temple high up among the clouds is what you see when Playtech’s new version of Spin A Win loads. Cast your eyes in front of it, and there lies the wheel, where the action takes place.

Setting bets comes first, and it is not complicated at all. Just click on one of the casino chips below the wheel (we will use the one valued at 1€ to illustrate). That can be on any device’s browser, provided that the internet connectivity is stable.

Look just above the chips, and you will see different values and colors, namely yellow 1, blue 2, green 5, pink 10, orange 20, and red 40. These are what you will find on the wheel, together with even number, odd number, and bonus, which you can also place bets on. 

Placing a bet is as simple as clicking on the differently-colored spaces. Using our example, if you want to place a 1 bet on red 40, just click on it once. And if you want to place €2, click on it twice. 

Winning is not complicated also. If you have placed a 1€ bet on red 40 as in our example, and the wheel’s pointer lands on 40, then you will win €40 + 40xbet =80€.


The named feature is triggered when the wheel’s pointer lands on bonus. The player gets taken to a bonus wheel featuring gods who can award multipliers ranging from x2 to x20. This multiplier is applied to all those spaces you had placed bets on for a mega-hit.

Bonus Round in Age of the Gods: Spin A Win

Age of the Gods™ Jackpots

Pooled between all the games in the series, the named progressive can grow to some good figures. The jackpot mini-game can trigger on any spin, guaranteeing one of the four jackpot prizes on offer. Remember, placing higher bets increases your chances of triggering the jackpot mini-game.

Age of the Gods: Spin A Win

If you want to take a break from spinning traditional slots, but still want the uncomplicatedness that comes with it, this is just the game. Spin the wheel as many times as you can, and you might as well bag the big one, which seldom goes below €100000!

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